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This is a fairly quick and easy introduction to watercolour study. Painting in a loose style is undeniably relaxing.

Hope this class will inspire you to explore the watercolour medium and to practice as more as possible through easy studies of any objects you see around you.

Relax and enjoy it. Do not be disappointed if your first attempt goes awry, learn from it and keep going.

In this class I will show you my step by step process and some of my favourite watercolour techniques:

wet on wet, when brushstrokes are added into wet watercolour wash, causing the pigments to merge and create soft blends;

wet on dry, when brushstrokes are added on top of dry paper;

negative painting, when some objects are lighter in hue or tone than their background washes, brushstrokes are applied around those objects to make them stand out.

deliberate backruns, created by dropping clean water.

Materials needed:

Watercolour paper

Paints: Lemon Yellow (transparent property is preferable), Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna.

Brushes: Medium size flat brush, 1 medium size mop brush, 1 medium size brush with pointy tip.

Palette for mixing

Masking tape to fix the paper


Paper towel to remove the excess of water.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Painting Snowdrops in Watercolour

    • Introduction

    • Underwash for leaves and stems

    • Negative painting

    • Background around the leaves

    • Painting flowers

    • Reference pictures